Long Short Silver/Gold

Realize the Silver Potential

The investment strategy allows profiting on the growth of the value of silver relative to the value of gold.

Both gold and silver are precious metals that are widely used by investors as protection against inflation. There is a high historical correlation between the two metals: when the price of gold rises or falls, so does the price of silver. The popularity of gold as a protective asset against inflation also positively affects the cost of silver.

The relative strategy makes profit when silver grows more than gold, falls less than gold or continues to grow when gold falls. This strategy is effective for trading in short and medium time intervals when the silver to gold value ratio deviates significantly from its average values.

  • Protection against inflation.
    The strategy acts as a portfolio protection against inflation under high inflationary expectations and potential stock market shocks.
  • Relative strategy.
    Specific prices for gold or silver are not relevant for this strategy. With equal growth or fall of gold and silver, there is no increase in profit or loss in the strategy.
  • The strength of average historical values.
    For many centuries, both gold and silver have maintained their status as payment instruments. There is a strong correlation between the two metals and average correlation values. The ratio may fluctuate, but always tends to its historical meanings.
Target return
Issue date:
1,000 USD
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Redeemed by investors

Important! Profitability in the past does not guarantee profitability in the future. Targeted yield helps define investment objectives and is not a limit or guarantee for an investor

Last updated on 13 april 2021 . Daily update on the issuer's website.

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Recent Transactions Examples

Instrument PnL Type of Transaction Currency Price Date
1/4 Silver/Gold +65.73% Sell USD 71 01.02.2021
1/4 Silver/Gold +49.38% Sell USD 51.70 17.12.2020
1/4 Silver/Gold Buy USD 34.61 24.09.2020
1/2 Silver/Gold Buy USD 45.56 22.09.2020
1/2 Silver/Gold +104% Sell USD 50.95 06.08.2020
1/2 Silver/Gold +47% Sell USD 36.74 22.07.2020
1/1 Silver/Gold Buy USD 25 17.07.2020


Issue date
Grossmeister Capital
Issuer, Market maker
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this certificate suitable for?

The certificate is intended for private investors wishing to profit from the growth in the value of silver.

How do I buy and sell a certificate?

The certificate is bought and sold like any tradable financial instrument. Contact us in advance to coordinate a purchase or sale price. Submit an application to a financial institution: a bank or a brokerage company — to buy or sell shares at an agreed price. Indicate the number of shares and ISIN of the certificate in the application.

Certificate quotes are also available from the financial institution where your assets are kept. You can check them online or upon request.

What are the risks and guarantees?

The certificate includes the risk of bankruptcy of the issuer. Also, the risk of significant loss of investment value may arise as a result of a fall in the value of silver or an increase in the value of gold. The asset management company gives signals to buy or sell depending on the situation on the stock market. However, the responsibility to control their investments remains with the individual investor.


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