Grossmeister Capital AG is an independent asset management company

We open accounts in various Swiss banks, determine the best investment strategies and manage the assets.

We use the most popular strategies in our work: a combination of instruments with moderate risk and fixed return and leveraged instruments, aimed at maximum return with comparable risk.

Open an account with a Swiss bank. You do not have to go to banks to fill out applications: we will prepare the documents for you, represent your interests in the bank and help you to achieve your goals. Contact us to open an account.

Purchase an active managed certificate. If you already have a bank account in the European Union, the UK or Switzerland, you can choose certificates to suit your objectives in the investment product catalogue.

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Our Offers

Long-term strategy and proven tools help us achieve our goals.


  • Individual Approach

    We do not have standard investment solutions, we always proceed from the goals and wishes of the client. We are approached both by those who are willing to cover expenses with minimal risks, and those who strive for high returns over a certain period of time.

    After the first meeting, we create an individual proposal: we define your goals and objectives, agree upon the way of interaction, and the list and cost of services. At the same time, we are open to working with external contractors if their strategies bring the best result.

  • Switzerland has a banking secrecy law that requires confidentiality, starting from the first meeting with the potential client.

    For us, the privacy of the customers information comes first. For example, if it is inconvenient for the customer to discuss details over the phone, we will meet them in person.

  • The interests of the investor and the growth of their assets are the core of our business. To increase the client's capital we use a proven strategy: we place assets in bonds with coupon payment and maturity within 3–5 years. We analyze in detail the solvency of issuers, and investments are not directly dependent on market fluctuations.

    Experience in the Western and Russian financial markets helps us make effective investment decisions, adapt to the market situation and promptly adjust the strategy.

  • We cooperate with a large number of Swiss banks, which allows the client to open several accounts. This approach reduces financial risk and helps secure investments. Only the client has constant access to their assets.

    We build our relationships with clients on the principles of openness and transparency. We inform them about the current state of the account, consider and explain financial risks, and select effective solutions.

  • Grossmeister Capital is an independent Swiss management company. Our main task is to preserve and increase the assets of the client.

    We manage assets in accordance with the interests of our customers and Swiss law. Therefore, we exclude any conflict of interest in our work. For example, we ensure that a bank purchases securities at the best price with the lowest commission.

  • We don’t have restrictions on the amount of investments or your expectations: we are ready to work with any client, since the commission is always calculated individually.

    If a certain result must be achieved then the commission is flexible; if there is a certain list of tasks that need to be solved, the commission is fixed and is paid once.

Investment Approach

  • Analysis

    Carrying out a global investment analysis, identifying the main factors and trends in world markets

  • Strategy

    Developing an optimal investment strategy based on the client’s needs

  • Scenario Planning

    Working on various scenarios of the capital development, carrying out variable scenario planning

  • Verification

    Welcoming experts from partner banks and brokerage firms for the examination and analysis of our strategy

  • Risk Management

    Analyzing the main risks, and taking action to reduce or eliminate them completely

Our Business Model

Our business model makes it possible to store funds in a Swiss bank without intermediaries, and personally control the assets. We do not hold the clients' assets in our company’s accounts.

There is a partnership agreement between the management company and the bank, which allows us to open accounts without the personal presence of the client and gives us access to all the financial instruments. We also have special fee schedule. This gives the client more favorable terms than when personally contacting the bank.

We open the account in the name of the client and manage the assets by the limited proxy, which does not allow us to withdraw funds. If the management company loses the trust of the client, they can revoke the proxy at any time.

We make decisions on the purchase and sale of securities according to the investment strategy approved by the client. It is recorded in the risk profile and investment strategy, and both documents are attached to the contract. This approach eliminates the risk of losing money due to mistakes of the management company.

We will help you get more favorable terms in Swiss banks, calculate financial risks and develop an effective investment strategy.

If you would like to deposit money in a Swiss bank, discuss an investment portfolio or move to a Schengen country, please contact us by phone or email.

We will find a bank suitable for you