Leverage Opportunities

Maximizing returns

For qualified investors. Determining the criteria for a qualified investor is the responsibility of the financial institution investing on behalf of the investor.

An active Managed Certificate is intended for investment with the purpose of receiving the maximum return, which classifies the certificate as a high-risk investment.

One to three strategies are implemented in the Certificate simultaneously. Each strategy has its own entry and exit signals. The number of entries and exits depends on the market and cannot be foreseen.

A detailed description of the Сertificate strategies:

  1. Gold Miners Index (GDX.) The key strategy of the Certificate. Gold mining companies have a high positive correlation with gold. There is a strong confidence that when the gold price increases, the price of gold mining companies will also grow. Long and/or short positions are formed by purchasing medium-term options. The entry signals are identified from the average value deviation and new long-term trend signals.
  2. Silver and gold (SI/GC). The two assets with a stable positive correlation. The entry signal is the excessive popularity of one asset over the other. The strategy gains profit when the asset correlation returns to its historical average. This strategy is relative and does not depend on specific levels.
  3. Gold and stock index (GC/SPX). A unit of stock index is measured in troy ounces of gold. The strategy gains profit when the gold grows and the stock index falls. Also, the strategy earns when gold falls slower than the stock index (March 2020), or gold rises faster than the stock index (recovery after March 2020). This strategy is relative and does not depend on specific levels. The entry signals are identified from the average values deviation and new long-term trend signals.

The strategies use derivative financial instruments: options and futures. This allows achieving high returns by putting smaller amounts of investments at risk. Options are used only in the strategy related to the Gold Miners Index.

The strategies in the Certificate are consistent with long-term trends and bring a sustainable return on investment for a period of 6-9 months or more.

Target return
Issue Date
ABL1 Issuer
10,000 USD
Current Status
Open for new investors

Important! Profitability in the past does not guarantee profitability in the future. Targeted yield helps define investment objectives and is not a limit or guarantee for an investor

Key Figures

Return -30.40%
Active Strategies 3
Strategy Metal+ 1
Strategy SIGC 1/2
Strategy GCSPX 1/2
Strategy PlPall 3/5

Historical graph

Figures for the last month For 6 months For the last year For three years Since launch
-5.28% +1.39% +3.26% -21.90% -29.44%

Transactions Examples

Instrument PnL Type of Transaction Currency Price Date
Pl/Pall Buy USD 1006.5 06.08.21
Metals+.URNM ETF Buy USD 59.8 30.08.21
Metals+.URNM ETF +18.73% Sell USD 71 02.09.21


Issue Date
Managing Company
Grossmeister Capital
Management Fee
Performance Fee


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this certificate suitable for?

The Certificate is designed for qualified investors who wish to form or optimize assets in the long term, seek high returns and are willing to take risks.

What are the risks and guarantees?

The certificate includes market risks as well as risks related to derivative financial instruments. We ensure risk management through diversification and insurance of open positions against depreciation.

The profits are reinvested, which allows not paying the income tax until partial or full redemption of the certificate amount. After maturity, the money will arrive in the account within a month.

How will I be able to control my investments?

The function of the controller and the guarantor is taken on by the certificate issuer. It controls compliance with the conditions of the certificate memorandum: the limit share of a separate position and the conformity of the selected instruments with the memorandum conditions.

We inform investors about the results of the quarterly work or provide a report upon request. Our task is to provide maximum transparency, which will allow you to maintain an appropriate level of control.


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